Mulberry Fedora Hat - Sample Sale

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Go for a nice stroll or lounge under the sun with this distressed ash grey felt fedora hat. It’s unique hand-made mushrooms with hand-dyed linen create a unique look to this adorable hat.
  • Bespoke golden mushrooms
  • Hand-dyed linen ribbons
  • 24k gold plated crimp beads
  • 14k gold plated twisted beads
  • Silk thread with 18k gold facet hammer tubular beads
  • Sweatband with ‘Exist loudly’ inspirational quote
  • 100% silk interior lining
  • 100% fur felt
  • Sweatband with 'believe in its inevitability and manifest it' inspirational quote
  • All hats are unique and have perfect imperfections!
  • Handmade by Valeria in California